Amalfi Vitamin-C Face Oil

Amalfi Vitamin-C Face Oil

A powerful antioxidant to shield skin from a number of environmental aggressors such as the sun and pollution. Brightening and balancing your skin tone. 

With Grapefruit Peel Oil as the hero ingredient, paired with C-Tetra (vitamin C) and Jojoba, this face oil takes you right to the moment that inspired it: basking in the sun on a rocky Italian beach, grazing on locally grown Grapefruit.

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Replenishes the skin with nutrients, antioxidants, calms inflammation and protects against free-radicals.

A powerful antioxidant to shield skin against a number of aggressors, brightening skin tone for a healthy glow.

Native to North America, Jojoba helps balance skins oil production, calms irritated skin and reduces redness.

Grapefruit peel oil and C-Tetra offer potent skin protection, shielding against UV rays and pollution while brightening the complexion for a healthy glow.